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Our founder’s passion for quality natural ingredients built our company on high-quality rock sugar. Later in 1965, Chek Hup was born in Ipoh, Malaysia. Crystallised over 14 days, our rock sugar is a healthier Low Glycemic Index (GI) alternative to white sugar.

Our Traditional Sugar Series, one of our traditional products since our early days, consists of a few different types of sugar: Rock Sugar, Sugar Cane Rock Sugar, Crystal Rock Sugar, Brown Sugar, Honey Rock Sugar and Candied Melon. These enhance a wide variety of dishes.

In 2017, we got innovative and launched our signature Convenience Sugar Series to encourage and educate younger generations to use rock sugar. Since life is hectic, it comes with a zipper pack so that the rock sugar is easy to store and prepare at your own convenience.

The healthy rock sugar we make for our instant beverages reflects our values of caring about what you drink. It’s truly a legacy which sweetens your life.


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